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İngilizce Çevre İle İlgili Sloganlar

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    1. A culture is only as healthy as it woods.
    2. Act like you live here.
    3. Bharat me ped lagao,hara banao
    4. Bikes not bombs
    5. Bumper Sticker: "America is full of selfish gasholes!"
    6. Desh ko unnti ke shikher par lao
    7. Don't be mean Go green
    8. Don't waste water.
    9. Earth allows you to stand. Let it stand the way it is.
    10. Earth Day Every Day
    11. Earth isn't disposable.
    12. Earth needs YOU.
    13. Easier saving paper than planting trees.
    14. Eat, Sleep, Recycle
    15. Embrace the green revolution
    16. Every day is Earth Day
    17. Every time history repeats itself the price goes up.
    18. Get off your ass and save on gas!
    19. Give a toot. Don't pollute!
    20. Go green or go home
    21. Green doings brings green rewards
    22. Green is my favorite color
    23. Green Queen
    24. Green revolution the best solution to arrest pollution
    25. How about you?
    26. I am a friend of nature
    27. I brake for litter
    28. I hear the Eco
    29. I heart trees
    30. If you don't clean your planet, Mother Nature's not gonna be happy.
    31. It's easy being Green
    32. Jal hai to kal hai
    33. Join the green side.
    34. Just say no to hummers
    35. Keep our forests green
    36. Keep our oceans blue
    37. Make conservation a habit.
    38. Make do and mend
    39. Make tea not war
    40. Make trees not stumps
    41. Make trees not tractors
    42. Nature saves us, we have to save it.
    43. Nurture Nature For Our Future!
    44. Nurture Nature For Our Future!
    45. One raindrop raises the sea.
    46. Plant a tree, green the earth, clean the air, live happily.
    47. Plants and Animals Died To Make Room For Your Fat A$$!
    48. Protect our environment, keep it safe; tomorrow, we'll be saved!
    49. Reduce reuse recycle
    50. Reduce, reuse, recycle!
    51. Respect your Elders (and Oaks, Pines and Hickorys too)
    52. Save a tree, hug me instead!
    53. Save our planet think green."
    54. Save paper, save trees, save the planet
    55. Save the earth or die!
    56. Save the earth, plant a tree!
    57. Save the Planet
    58. Save the trees!
    59. SAVE THE WORLD OR WE ALL DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    60. Save water drink beer
    61. Save Your Mother !
    62. Stop, Drop, Recycle
    63. Take up the spade of justice.
    64. The less you burn, the more you earn
    65. The thing that burns never returns
    66. There is no Planet B.
    67. Think green.
    68. Think... before you print.
    69. To print or not to print
    70. To sit in the shade, you have to save paper first
    71. Today's wastage is tomorrow's shortage
    72. We are Greenagers
    73. We have an environment?
    74. We've only One World
    75. What about you?
    76. What would Nature do?
    77. When It's bright, turn off the light
    78. When the Earth dies, where will you live?
    79. When the last tree is cut down, the last river poisoned, and the last fish caught, will we realize that we can't eat money?
    80. Where do you think the Environment is?
    81. Why yes, I eat granola
    82. Will Work for Trees
    83. You eat your french fries, I'll make my biodiesel
    84. You must be the change you wish to see in the world
    85. Your planet needs you.
    86. You've only got one planet. Don't trash it.
    87. Snow is melting the Earth is crying!
    88. SavePaper, Save Trees, Save the Planet!
    89. Nature saves us so we have to save them!
    90. Heal the world! Make it a better place!
    91. When the honeybees disappear, it's only a matter of time.
    92. Save The Earth, Win The LIFE

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