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Ray Bradbury And Scıence Fictıon

  1. Ray Bradbury and Science Fiction
    Ray Bradbury. Does this name mean anything to you? Maybe books only, maybe fantasy, or maybe science fiction. Do you know that he was known as "America's Official Science Fiction Writer"? However, his way of writing science fiction is much more different than you can think of, if you have never read Bradbury's science fiction. He combines the future world of technology with past world's images. An example would be helpful in understanding this. Picture that you've suddenly traveled in time and gone to the future full of strange machines and robots. You would be unable to adapt easily to that world. This is nearly what Bradbury does in his writings. Critics argue a lot on this "non-scientific anti-science fiction.[1]" Wondering why? Continue on reading and you will soon see with the examples from three different science fiction stories by Ray Bradbury.

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