Philip, his sister and her husband Mrs. and Mr Joe live together.Because when he was a baby his parents had died. Every body call him Pip.Because when he was a child he couldn't say Philip he could say only Pip.

Mr.Joe is a blacksmith.They live in a small town.Pip often visits his parents' grave. Their graves are in the churchyard.One day when he is in the churhyard , a convict wants him to bring some food.

Pip attends the villag evening, school which was organize by an accidend relation of Mr Wopsle's rout… it's not enough.So he thinks that he would be apprenticed to Joe. So Mrs. Joe,his sister ,sends him to Miss Havishams for better opportunites. Miss Havishams hates all people , especially men.Her house is very big,ancient and dark. There is a girl Estella,in her house.She was brought up by Miss Havishams.So she also hates men.Pip often goes to Miss Havishams and he starts to fall in love with Estella.

Pip becomes young man.One day lawyer says that Pip's life will change in a good way.Pip goes to London.He has a good job and he becomes rich.But he thinks Miss Havishams helps him for having a better life.

One day Mr. Joe visits him for telling something.He talks about his sister.His sister had died.So Pip is very upset.

One night when Pip is alone at home,he hears some noise and he goes to the door.He sees a man.He comes slowly.Pip suprises ! Because the man is a convict who Pip helped.Convict tells the truth.He is a person who changes Pip's life.

Pip visits Estella and Miss. Havishmas.Pip says that he loves Estella But Estella says she doesn't love anybody and she doesn't belive love.

The convict arrests by the police.After a few months Pip learns that the convict the convict has died.At the same time , Miss Havishams dies and leaves all her fortune to Estella.Pip decides to go back to the village.When he goes there , he learns Joe's wedding.And before going back to London he wants to see Estella once.Pip goes to Estella and he says that he wants to marry to Estella.She accepts.

At the end of story everybody get happy.