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    Everything in the animal kingdom had its place in the circle of life. When the Lion King, Mufasa, and his queen, Sarabi, had a cub named Simba, Mufasa knew that one day Simba would be king. Everyone bowed in respect as Rafiki the baboon introduced the young prince to all the animals.

    Only one lion -- Mufasa's brother, Scar -- refused to attend the ceremony. He was not happy that Simba would be next in line for Mufasa's throne.

    But Simba grew into a happy, healthy cub. One day he proudly told his uncle, "Someday I'm going to rule the whole kingdom! Everything except that shadowy place.

    I'm not allowed to go there."
    "You're absolutely right, Simba," his uncle agreed slyly. "Only the bravest lions can go to the elephant graveyard." Scar deliberately tempted his adventurous nephew. Simba immediately raced home and convinced his friend Nala to explore the elephant graveyard. It was creepier than they ever imagined.

    Zazu, Mufasa's advisor, caught up with the cubs and warned them it was dangerous, too. But Simba only laughed at Zazu. Then he heard someone laughing back. He turned to see three enemy hyenas ready for lunch. "He's a king fit for a meal," laughed one. The nasty hyenas chased the cubs right into a trap. Suddenly there was a tremendous roar. Mufasa arrived and frightened the hyenas away.

    Simba was very proud of his father. "We'll always be together, right?" he asked later that evening. "Look up at the stars, Simba," said Mufasa. "Those are the great kings of the past looking down on us. Remember those kings will always be there to guide you. So will I."

    Although Scar was very angry with the hyenas for letting Simba escape, he made a bargain with them. If they helped him become king, they could have the run of the Pride Lands. And Scar had a plan.

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