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Sets Konu Anlatımı

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    A set is a collection of objecks.We talk about a set of books, a set of fruits.The words collection and family are synonyms fır the word set.
    Objects which belong to a set are colled members or elements. The elements are usually separated by cammas and written down between braces  
    Sets are represented by capital letters For example we can name the june,july,augustas A and write

    A = june,july,august
    In stead of writing " june is a member of A"
    We writ june  A
    The symbol  means " is a member of" or" is an element of"
    The symbol means " is not an element of" The expression
    April A
    İs read as "April is not an element of set A".

    1.Meaningful Sets
    a.The set of pupils in my class
    This sentences gives yav a perfect description of the elements of the elments of a set, and you can make a list of its elements
    2.Meaningless Sets
    a.The set of some people
    Can you list the elements of this set?
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