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    Except for H all nuclei have more than 1 p+. Since like charges repel, how can any nucleus be stable? The electrostatic +ve forces are not the only one's present in a nucleus. p+ in fact do repel each other but also at work in the nucleus is a "strong force" which acts to overcome the electrostatic force of repulsion within the nucleus, and it binds nucleons into a package. This "strong force" has some of its own peculiar characteristics. It decreases far more rapidly with distance than an electrostatic force. The strong force exerted by one nucleon on another nucleon falls to zero within the nucleus. The strong force between two adjacent nucleons, therefore, does not contribute anything to the binding of the nucleons on the other side of the nucleus. The electrostatic force of repulsion of p+ in the nucleus does not fall off to zero. p+ in one nuclear region repel p+ in all other regions. Such repulsions are toned down by the intervening no because they help separate the p+.
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