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Stage 2 İngilizce Kitap Özetleri

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    Stage 2 İngilizce Kitap Özetleri


    Writer:Ertan ARDANANCI



    Alaaddin:He is main character of this book.He lives with his mother.He was born in a small town.When he was baby,his father dead.He has got black hair,brown eyes,small noise.His hair is short.He is handsome person.He is very good swimmer,he learn swim in a lake which is in his town.He doesn't go to scholl because his family is poor so his mother cannot send him to school.

    The Black Fisherman:He has got very good family but peoples dont like fisherman because they thinks he is mad.This man's parents were good people.When they died,even some people cried after them.The black fisherman thinks one magic lamp is in the lake.Fisherman says "It's at the bottem of the lake,and I will have it one day." He has got strong body.

    Alaaddin's Mother:She is a good mother.She usually thinks her children goodness.

    Alaaddin's Cousin:She is a very beautiful girl.She doesn't go to school like as Alaaddin.She has got yellow and long hair,gren eyes and she is tall.


    Alaaddin lived with his mother near a lake in a small town and Alaaddin was born and grew up in his town.When he was child the lake was clean but the lake will not be clean in his young.Because there was a few factories near the lake.The lake became dirty and dirty.Alaaddin was very sad to this case. Alaaddin was very good swimmer.He learned to swin in the lake when he was young..Alaaddin's family was very poor.His father died many years ago.His mother cannot send him to scholl.Alaaddin was sad because he will not be a student.His grandparents usually told a lot of stories about the lake and the other old people said the same stories.So.the children like the lake which were live in this town.There was a black fisherman in their village.Most people didnt like him.He went to lake every day and looked for the magic lamp in the lake.He said that one day I will find it.

    One day Alaaddin ran across the black fisherman on the lake.Black fisherman said,there is an old and broken lamp next to that rock at the bottom of the lake,the garbage collectors will take it.Alaaddin was really suprised,he knew a lot of stories about lamp.According to stories only boy can take it and his name is Alaaddin.He took his clothes and dived into the lake.After a short time he found the place of the lamp.At that time an oyster bagged him."Please save me."Alaaddin saved the oyster.Then it said.You saved me so I will give you three pearls.They will help you when you are in a troble.Alaaddin took them and swam towards the lamp.Later,Alaaddin went to home Then he started to clean the lamp.Suddenly the genie came out of the lamp.Genie asked that What was your wish??Alaaddin was afraid.Alaaddin said'I want to go school'
    Alaaddin told his mother about this event.But his mother did not believe it because it was unbelievable to her.After three days,genie built the school near Alaaddin's home.Everyday Alaaddin asked for different things,the house was full of many things.His life became very interesting.One day Alaaddin told his wish and the black fisherman turned into white.But when he told his wish,black fisherman was observeing him and he decided to steal a magic lamp.

    One day his cousin was alone at home.The man sold some things.His cousin wanted to suprise Alaaddin.She gave magic lamp to man and the man gave her new lamp.But the man was black fisherman.Alaaddin came back,now Alaaddin was very sad.Then he remember the three pearls.It was the right time to use one of them.He took one of pearls and held it tightly.A new genie came out.Alaaddin wanted to his magic lamp from new genie.But the genie said,'I am a weak genie and I cannot realize your wish.Ican only take you to the black fisherman's town.'Alaaddin said,all right.And they went to the black fisherman's house.The black fisherman was wahtching television when they have been here and Alaaddin gave him the magic lamp.Alaaddin thanked to genie.

    Alaaddin wanted the genie to clean the lake.He wanted fist to swam in it."It's very diffucult,but I will try to clean" the genie said.Surely,the genie take the factories different place or put a big filter in front of the dirty waters from the factories.He put a few filters near the lake and then cleaned the lake.Next,they put same fish into the lake.After a few weeks,people went fishing.

    One day Alaaddin was studying in front of his computer and suddenly he found an idea.And told genie please entered the computer.The black fisherman cannot found the genie if genie live in the computer.


    This book tells us going school is very important for children because children learn everyting in a school which is very important in children's life and their future..Alaaddin is a main character of this book.He has got a lot of desire but his first desire is going school…


    This book is engrossing but it is a short story.Children learn important of school for his book.When I was child, I red this story.But it was Turkish and it told a lot of things.It is a beautiful form me when I was child.


    Grew up:Büyümek
    I was born and grew up in Balıkesir which has got interesting place about travelling.

    Cruise:Gemi ile gezinti yapmak
    When I am in holiday,I sometimes cruises on the sea by boat.

    Run across:Karşilaşmak
    Yesterday, I ran across my ancient girlfriend and she didn't look at my face so I felt sad.

    Garbage collectors:Çöpçü
    Garbage collectors clean everywhere all days.Their duty is diffucult.All people don't do their duty.

    Hale is a person who dives professionally.

    To beg:Yalvarmak
    A child begs his mother to go play football but his mother don't let him because the wheather is rainy.

    An oyster is a fish,a lot of oyster hunter every day dive and search oyster.

    Pearl is expensive arch.All womans like pearls.

    All people have one secret,but some people can hold secret.

    Shed:Gözyaşi dökmek
    Sheding is a beautiful feeling,but everybody don't shed.

    A person live more carefull who has got doubt.

    According to: -e -a göre
    According to book,going school very important for child.Of course it is.

    I was alone at home yesterday evening and I was afraid.

    I saw dream,it is very funny and nonsense.

    Decide:Karar vermek
    I decided to go work and travel because I want to learn English very well.

    It is a terrible event,three people died and seven people be wounded.

    All factories must put a big filter in front of the dirty waters.

    Fishing rod:Olta
    I want to buy fishing rod because I love fishing.

    I want to learn foreign languages.One language one person,two languages two person.

    Turkish person is very intelligent but we are lazy.

    Alaaddin has got a magic lamp.

    I miss my family and my friends so I will go Balıkesir after finishing the exam.

    Street peddler:Seyyar satıcı
    Ten years ago all the street of İstanbul full of street peddler.

    Turn into:Dönüşmek
    According to film the monkey turn into homan.

    Wedding Ceremony:Düğün töreni
    All womans imagine excellent wedding ceremony.

    I wish go England because of Premier League.

    What are you doing this evening? I dont know yet.

    Can you please stop shouting? You are making too much noise.

    Invent:İcat etmek
    When was the computer invented?
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    2. özet



    Daniel DONOVAN: He was a passenger on the Forfarshire.He was an engineer and a strong man .He was a good person .He was a philanthropic person

    Mr. ROBB: He was a passenger on the ship. He was a churchman.
    Mary DAWSON: She was a passenger on the ship. She was sailing with her two children.
    Captain HUMBLE: He was the Forfarshire's captain. He wasn't a good captain.
    Thomas BUCHANAN: He was a passenger on the ship. He thought of other people and he loved helping them.
    Grace DARLING: She was lighthouseman's daughter. She was a young woman. She was twenty-two years old and she had big brown eyes. She wasn't very tall or strong. She was a good person. She loved helping people.
    William DARLING: He was a lighthouseman. He was a thin strong man about fifty years old. He was a very good person. He loved his job.
    Thomasin DARLING: She was William's wife. She was about sixty-five years old.

    I think, the best characters are William and Grace Darling and Daniel Donovan.
    Because William Darling did his best for the people. He loved helping the people and his job. While he was saving the people, his life was in danger. Saving the people wasn't Grace's job but she loved people so she helped her father to save the people. People were very valuable for her. Daniel was a good engineer because at first he understood Forfarshire wasn't a sailing ship. He loved people too. He went back the rock with William to save the other people.

    I liked this book because it is a true story. It is about helping the people. It tells us, people's life should be very valuable for us. We must help the people. We mustn't be selfish

    Main idea of the book: We must help the people and we must do our best for our jobs.


    On afternoon of 6th September in 1838, Forfarshire began its journey from Hull to Dundee, in Scotland. Forfarshire was a big comfortable modern ship. That day there was a strong, northeast wind. Daniel Donovan was a passenger on the ship. He stood on the deck of the ship. But it was diffucult because the wind was so strong. The ship was moving up and down uncomfortably so Daniel felt ill. A passenger beside him called Mr.Robb, he was a churchman. He said the wind was getting stronger and it was getting darker too. Daniel said he couldn't see the land. He could only see big grey waves with white tops.

    Mr.Robb said Forfarshire was a modern ship. Daniel looked up at the black smoke that came from ship's funnel. Daniel said yes but he wasn't really sure. He was an engineer so he knew about the engines. Sometimes engines made strange noises and the paddle wheels went round slowly. Suddenly there was a crash and they went quickly again. So Daniel was unhappy.

    Daniel felt wind and rain on his face. Suddenly a woman screamed to come back Simon.Then Daniel saw a little boy. Suddenly a big wave hit the side of the ship. Then it was carrying the boy along the deck. Daniel caught the boy's coat and carried him quickly back to his mother.
    The ship moved up and down quickly so Daniel sat down beside the woman. The woman's name was Mary Dawson. She had two children. Her husband was in Scotland. Mary Dawson said she couldn't hear the engines. She was right! Because the engines have stopped also there was no smoke above the ship's funnel and the big paddle wheels didn't move.

    All the time the big grey waves lifted the ship up and down and the white water blew over the deck.Mr.Robb screamed why they weren't moving. Daniel shouted the engines had broken down. This wasn't a sailing ship.

    The weather was getting worse and it was nearly dark. The ship was sailing north from Hull to Dundee. But the wind came from the north so the began to go south again, back to England.

    About thirty kilometres south east of St.Abbs Head was a group of small rocky islands not far from the mainland. These were Farne Islands, one of them Longstone Island, there was a lighthouse. That night, there were three people in the lighthouse -William Darling, his wife Thomasin and their daughter Grace. Grace's brothers were usually there too. But that night they were in Bamburgh.

    William Darling and Grace went up the long stairs of the lighthouse. William darling was a thin, strong man about fifty years old. Grace was a young woman. She was twenty-two years old. She wasn't very tall or strong.

    At the top of the lighthouse, they came into a small room. The noise of the wind and rain was terrible there. The rain crashed the windows and the wind screamed. William said God would help the poor sailors to see that light. When they went to kitchen, Mrs.Darling prepared supper. She was about sixty-five. She said William couldn't help anyone. Grace said it was his job. He couldn't leave them to die.
    A young sailor said the captain wanted to see Daniel. Sailor and Daniel arrived the room. It was very hot and there were clouds of steam everywhere. The captain said, his name was Captain Humble, they needed Daniel. Because one of those engines had already stopped and the other was working very badly.

    Then Daniel saw a big man. He was the ship's engineer. He said the engines were too old and he couldn't do anything for those engines there in that storm. So the ship had to go back to land. Then the captain came near them and Daniel told him the ship hadto go back to land. The captain pushed Daniel angrily away from him. He said Daniel wasn't good to him. Then Daniel left the room.

    Daniel stared out to see but he couldn't see anything. But for away to the southwest -there was a little light flashing. But it was coming nearer.
    When it was two o'clock, Grace slept in her room. It was small tidy room with white walls. Suddenly, she heard her father's voice. He told to wake up. She got up and put her clothes on. Her father said the storm was worse. They tied the boat down.
    White water crashed against the boathouse doors. In the boathouse they tied the boats.
    When William and his wife were asleep, Grace watched the light.

    In the passengers' sitting room on the ship, Mrs.Dawson looked unhappily at Daniel. Daniel said Farne Islands were very near. He had seen the lighthouse flashing on them.

    Daniel went out into the night. Then he looked up a light and he saw the lighthouse. He stood up and began to run along the deck. But there were rocks in front of the ship. Then there was a great crash and Daniel and all the sailors fell to the deck. The ship was broken in two and the back of the ship, with the captain and all the rich passengers wasn't there. The door of the passengers' room was broken but there were still some people inside the room. - Mr.Robb, Mrs.Dawson and her two children, Mr.Buchanan and James Kelly.

    When Grace prayed in her bed, she heard a voice in her head. It said to go to the window. Then she went to window and saw the ship. Mrs.Darling said if there were people alive on that ship, William couldn't save them. Because the boys weren't there. Grace said if there was someone alive, they couldn't just leave them to die. But they couldn't see any people.

    There were twelve people on Harker's Rock. Daniel's hands and legs were red with blood. Half an hour later Mr. Robb was dead. Daniel and Thomas climbed on top of the rock and they waved.

    Suddenly Grace saw two men on top of the rock. William said he hadn't seen a worse sea that year.Mrs.Darling said he couldn't go and Grace said it was their job.

    Grace and her father jumped into the boat. Grace was afraid but she was happy and excited.
    Daniel said they were all going to die. Mrs.Dawson's children were dead so Daniel hated the sea because he thought it wanted to kill people. Then he saw the boat.

    Grace saw the people on the rock. There were too many people for that small boat. She was tired but the job hasn't finished yet.
    The fourth time William jumped on the rock. Grace was alone in the boat. She was very tired.
    On the rock William said he was going to take the woman and that man who had broken leg and he needed three strong men, Daniel and two others. They would came back for the others later.

    When they got to the lighthouse, they were very tired. Grace and her mother helped them. William, Daniel and Thomas went to the rock to save the others.

    Mr.Darling and his young daughter saved nine people from the wreck of the Forfarshire. Queen Victoria thought that Grace is one of the finest young women in Scotland. One hundred years from that day, people will remember that event.


    Tim Vicary is an experienced teacher and writer, and has written several stories for the Oxford Bookworms Library. Many of these are in the Thriller & Adventure series, such as White Death or, like Grace Darling, in the True Stories series, such as the coldest place on Earth, Which tells the story of the race between Scott and Amundsen to the South Pole. He has also published two long novels, The Blood upon the Rose and Cat and Mouse.

    He has two children, and keeps dogs, cats and horses. He lives and works in York, in the north of England.

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