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Why is Kusadasi my favorite resort?

  • It has everything you could possibly wish for, for a perfect holiday.

  • There is so much to do, regardless of your age. Kusadasi is very cosmopolitan, and in my opinion the nicest resort on the Aegean coast.

  • There are numerous sandy beaches on offer which provide a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, with very good water facilities available. Kusadasi is very picturesque, with it's gorgeous sunsets and large marina where you can watch cruise ships come in.

  • Not only is there plenty to do during the day, once you've finished working on your tan, the town really comes alive. The pretty little cafes and restaurants that litter the streets of Kusadasi tend to liven up and that's when the real fun starts. There is nothing better to do than go for a drink before dinner and watch the sunset. It's breath taking. Kusadasi has plenty of restaurants to choose from, serving many different dishes. Although I personally didn't try out many of the restaurants, spending the past year on a Kusadasi forum - I have learnt a lot about this town and what's on offer.

  • Bar street is where you'll find most of the after dark activity happening, and this is the perfect way to end a day in Kus.

  • There is a very wide range of Hotels on offer in Kusadasi. Whether you are after big, small, lively, cheap, center...It doesn't matter - the choice is there. It has something to cater for everyone's needs.

  • There are 2 Aqua Parks nearby. Aqua Fantasy & Adaland…both great days out and something that children and adults alike will enjoy.

  • Transportation is brilliant, dolmuses run frequently past all the hotels and are cheap and quick. There are also Taxi's available for extra cost, but I think it's much more fun to ride in Dolmuses with the local Turkish people. I always end up nattering to them, even though they can't understand a word I'm saying.

  • The people in Kusadasi are simply wonderful. I tried my best to intergrate with as many of them as possibly as being around them was great. They are soooooo nice, and go out of their way to help you and to make your holiday perfect. You really can't fault them in any way and they actually make the holiday what it is.

  • The weather is absolutely amazing. With warm mediterranean temperatures in Summer, and nice mild climates in the winter.

  • The shopping is great. Although some people moan about getting hasseled, I don't think it's something that could ruin my holiday or put me off Turkey AT ALL. They are only trying to earn a living, fair play to them. Just don't ever let them pressure you into buying things, as they are very charming and could sell Ice to an Eskimo, and you'll be fine. There are a very wide range of things available on offer at the local markets and sometimes it's really fun to haggel and try and get the price down.

  • It offers an excellent environment and is very nicely situated near some great sightseeing days out. You can easily take a coach trip to nearby Ephesus. Or if you're up for a tiring, yet fun day out Pammukale is around 3 hours away. Quite far, but well worth it.

  • Overall I think Kusadasi is great. It has a wide variety of things on offer and caters for for many different people's needs. I would definitely recommend a trip here at least once in your lifetime. But then I should probably warn you that once you visit Kus, you'll never want to go anywhere else

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