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Light Ring Theory İngilizce

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    Almostevery science oriented person has his own "theory ofeverything." So here is mine. It has little mathematicaldevelopment behind it, and I cite very few sources as far asscientific research papers are concerned, so by the standards of the"establishment," this article is laughable.

    However,if you follow along, you will note the elegance of this theory andits ability to visually explain many physical characteristics andevents such as inertia, gravity, and relativistic effects, inaddition to covering observations recorded in fringe science such asantigravity and scalar waves.

    Furthermore,the entire theory is based on the traditional esoteric concept thatmatter is made of light. In its entirety, it is easy to understand,visualize, and were the reader up for the task, it would be fertileterritory for mathematical exploration.

    Theinformality of this article here is a product of its aim toward a layaudience.


    TheLRT is based on two fundamental concepts:

    1)Matter arises from light, the speed of light being the only truevelocity

    2)Infinitely harmonic dimensions exist

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